About Us

About Us

Introduction and Background

Afghan Home USA (AHUSA) is founded for charitable, educational, cultural, and scientific purposes.

Afghan Home USA is a nonprofit, 501(c)3) tax-exempt organization dedicated to serving the needs of the Afghan community in DMV area (Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia) Established in March 2021.

Afghan Home USA was established in March of 2021 as a nonprofit, community-based organization to serve the Afghan community of the DMV area and beyond. Our goal and mission are:

  • To promote the rich culture and heritage of Afghanistan and its people.
  • To strengthen the cultural and educational ties between Afghans living in the United States, specifically the Afghans residing in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) metro area.
  • To contribute to Afghan unity through organizing and promoting Afghan national and cultural, educational, and literary events, seminars, and workshops.
  • To desire to bring all Afghans under one all-encompassing umbrella for dialogue, understanding, mutual respect and problem solving.
  • To promote national and global peace through the universal value of dialogue, friendship, mutual respect and understanding.

Afghan Home USA is organized into multiple committees with each committee dedicated to serving a specific function and goal for the community. Some of the committees and their functions are as follows:

  1. Social and Cultural Committee: This committee aspires to promote the rich culture and heritage of Afghanistan and its people by holding cultural events, literary seminars, concerts and celebration of Afghanistan’s cultural and historic date sand events.
  2. Fundraising Committee: The fundraising committee’s main focus is to organize fundraisings and attract new sources of revenue for the organization to advance its stated goals.
  3. Education Committee: This committee aims to provide educational and networking opportunities for the Afghan community. The committee creates a platform for the community members to share job and internship opportunities, academic and professional resources, networking forums and skills-based trainings/webinars, including finding job opportunities and vocational training resources. This committee also provides volunteers to provide translation services from English to the local Afghan languages and visa versa.
  4. Liaison Committee: The goal of this committee is to become a bridge between this organization and all other Afghan and/or Non-Afghan organizations with similar focus and objectives.